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I don't own the picture you'll see! if there's any problem feel free to write me! They have a watermark just cause i work them.
Feminist Rape Bait

—Temp 01


So since I had not made a post in a while, I thought I would share this.  It is just a temporary version of an audio file I have been working on that samples some of feministrapebait’s excellent recordings.  I may add to it later, but in the event I don’t: I thought I would post what I have managed to cobble together for now.  Enjoy, and I highly recommend you women out there listen to it and her other recordings on repeat; as I think it is excellent training material for you to learn from.

(I know the cover I chose is not overly glamorous, but it was the best shot of her face I could find, and I want as many readers out there as possible to know what she looks like; as it increases the chances of one of us running into her and publicly exposing her for the depraved little cunt she is.)

You can hear and see more of this stupid little fuck slut here:

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kristendixon79 asked:
Don’t you dare finger yourself while looking at my photos. Even knowing that you are thinking about me as you cum makes me feel dirty!

ladybijou answered you:
i’m sorry but i can’t help that….

See? This filthy pig bijou gives no respect to my wishes! She just fingers her dirty cunt while looking at my photos until she cums. This makes me feel used and degraded! She is a worthless piece of fuck meat, who does not deserve the pleasure of looking at my photos to cum!

I agree. She’s really a worthless bunch of fuck holes.