I'm a u are a slut.
i wanna fuck ur brain and make my hard cock throb...that's all i want.
Submit me ur nasty filthy thoughts. I want a filthy slave or pet.
NSFW!!!! UNDER 18 get out!!!
I don't own the picture you'll see! if there's any problem feel free to write me! They have a watermark just cause i work them.

—nomoreideas request


This Greedy Audio was a request by nomoreideas. Thank you for being the first Greedy Audio Request. I wish it was longer or cooler sounding.

This audio is not for everyone. It gets the VERY rare greedy trigger warning. 

There is nothing cute about this audio. 

As always, all thanks for permission go to my Master, welcometomydirtymind98

Thank you Toilet and thanks to you Master welcometomydirtymind98 for allowing this!


About once a month (sometimes more sometimes less) I come here.

I come here to think about my dirties fantasies. The fantasies where my arse is fucked into oblivion. I am spat on and slapped. Where my face is fucked until I puke. Where I am forced to beg for piss and many other things. I come here I think about these things. I touch myself and I cum.

Best submission ever! “Many other things” sounds perfect.